Naša moderná, zrekonštruovaná továreň priamo v Topoľčanoch má viac ako 8 500 m 2 s 216 zamestnancami . Táto lokalita pozostáva z nasledujúcich výrobných zariadení:

Linka 1 (klasické obchodné bundy) vyrába 4 000 búnd mesačne.

Linka 2  (Nohavice) dosiahne 6 500 nohavíc mesačne. 

OZETA NEO cooperation with customers is based on CMT or FF (fully factored ready to wear clothing) form, when direct purchasing of all materials and components is reflected in the final billing.

In order to increase our delivery promptness regarding repeating orders, OZETA NEO warehouse stocks many supplies like trims, inner linings, waist banding and buttons.

One of the primary company KPIs is a high quality of processing, controlled within a numerous inter operational phases, as well as strict criteria of final technical inspection.

The company has ISO 9001 Quality Certificate.